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In 2002 a sales office was established under the name of Medis Pharma GmbH for the purpose of serving the German market and some other markets.  An agreement was made with the representative for Medis in Germany, Midas Pharma GmbH and the operation is initially conducted in the form of a separate department within Midas which solely serves the interests of Medis.

As well as serving the German market the following markets are served by Medis in Germany;  Austria, France (selective clients), Italy, and Switzerland.  Thomas Mller is the Managing Director for Medis Germany.

  • Thomas Moller

    Thomas Möller

    Managing Director
    Phone: +49-6132-43543-381
    e-mail: thomas.moeller@medis.is
  • Barbara Scarsi

    Barbara Scarsi

    Business Development Manager
    Mobile: +39 345 887 1542
  • Bettina Kreyenburg

    Bettina Kreyenborg

    Regulatory Affairs Specialist
    Direct line: +49 6132 435 43 387


  • Elke Reimann

    Customer Service
    Phone: + 49-6132-43543-383
    e-mail: elke.reimann@medis.is
  • Heike Sagi

    Business Development
    Phone :+ 49-6132-43543-384
    e-mail: heike.sagi@medis.is



  • Gisela Schwarz

    Sales & regulatory Affairs
    Phone: +49 6132-43543-383
    e-mail: gisela.schwarz@medis.is

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