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  • Valur Ragnarsson

    Valur Ragnarsson CEO

    Valur has been leading the Medis business since 2008. Valur joined Medis in 2001. He was appointed Managing Director of Medis ehf., Iceland in 2003 and Executive Vice President five years later. Valur has an MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Iceland and has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Jonina Gudmundsdottir

    Jonina Gudmundsdottir

    Medis Head Office - VP Commercial Affairs

    Jonina joined Medis in 2003, becoming Head of Business Development in 2006. Previously she worked with Actavis, managing NM Pharma subsidiary in Iceland. Jonina is a pharmacist from the University of Iceland and has been a lecturer in Pharmacy at the University.

  • Hildur Ragnars

    Hildur Ragnars

    Medis Head Office - VP Supply Chain

    Hildur first joined Medis in 2005, working in Business Development. Previously she has worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager for Sanofi-Aventis in Iceland. Hildur is a pharmacist from the University of Iceland. She holds a university degree in Pharmacy and an MBA degree.

  • August Helgi Leosson

    Agust Helgi Leosson

    Medis Head Office – VP Finance

    Agust  provides financial leadership for Medis´ activities worldwide. He first worked with Actavis as CFO of the Group from 2000-2005. Following a period when he worked as CFO for insurance specialists TM and Managing Director of the investment company Samson. Agust returned to Medis in the role of Managing Director Finance. Agust has a Business degree from the University of Iceland.

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