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Olanzapine - biggest Medis launch for 2011

Medis successfully launched Olanzapine in nine European countries toward the end of September, immediately after the expiry of the constraining European patent. The total volume of tablets dispatched to Medis customers (film-coated and orodispersible) amounted to approximately 20m in what was technically an extremely challenging launch involving some 200 SKUs. Olanzapine had already been launched by Medis to customers in Greece, Hungary and Spain, where the relevant patents had expired earlier.

Olanzapine was developed at the Actavis R&D site in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland and produced at the Company’s manufacturing site in Malta. It is the generic equivalent of Zyprexa® from Eli Lilly, used for the treatment of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

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