Meet the Management

The leadership that forms Medis

Jonina Gudmundsdottir

Vice President Commercial Operations

Jonina joined the Business Development team of Medis in 2003.

Prior to Medis, Jonina managed Mylan‘s distribution business in Iceland from 1999 to 2003. In 2006, she became Head of the Global Business Development of Medis leading the development of the company through the signature of over 5,000 licensing and supply agreements.

In 2008, Jonina was appointed Managing Director of Medis ehf. and then Vice President Commercial Operations in 2009, responsible for the commercial strategy and global portfolio. Jonina has in addition taken part in various assignments related to integration and divestitures. She holds an MSc degree in Pharmacy from the University of Iceland.

Hildur Ragnars

Vice President Supply Chain

Hildur joined Medis in 2005, working in the Business Development team.

Prior to Medis, she worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager for GSK and Sanofi in Iceland. Hildur took on her current role as Vice President Supply Chain in 2009 with overall responsibility for product launch coordination, manufacturing, customer service and quality, as well as demand management.

Hildur holds an MSc degree in Pharmacy from the University of Iceland and an MBA degree.

Agust Helgi Leosson

Chief Financial Officer

Agust has provided financial leadership for Medis activities worldwide since 2009 in his role as Chief Financial Officer.

Agust started his career as a Financial Specialist at Deloitte and later within the fishing industry in Iceland. In 2000, he joined Actavis for the first time, taking the role of CFO for the Group until 2005. In the period 2005-2009, Agust worked as Chief Financial Officer for the Icelandic insurance specialist TM and as Managing Director for the investment company Samson.

Agust holds a Cand.oecon. business degree from the University of Iceland.


worldwide operations and facilities

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