news 23 Jun 2015


Medis Iceland, along with Actavis Iceland, has been recognized with a Gold Certificate in the recent ‘Equal Pay Audit’ conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), a leading multinational professional services network.

The award reflects the high priority given to gender equality by Medis in Iceland, and is an important recognition of the Company’s equality and remuneration policies.

To secure the Gold Certificate in Iceland, companies must not exceed an unexplained 3.5% wage gap between female and male personnel. The PwC audit reviews differences by gender in basic salary, fixed salary and total salary, taking into account factors including age, length of employment, education, job category and working hours. The audit results demonstrated a minimal gender wage gap in both the Medis and Actavis facilities, and PwC had no further comments or recommendations in terms of future improvements.

Gender equality has always been an important part of the corporate culture at Medis and Actavis, ever since the business was founded in fact. The Iceland offices firmly believe that harnessing the education, experiences and attitudes of both women and men is central to the equal opportunities program within both companies.

Around 700 people are employed by Medis and Actavis in Iceland, of whom 63% are women and 37% men. The management group consists of 60% women and 40% men.​

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