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What we stand for

At Medis, we are dedicated to service excellence and the provision of high quality products and intellectual property. Medis’ head office, including Finance, Commercial Operations including portfolio and product management, Supply Chain, and corporate management and business support functions, are all located in Iceland. The customer oriented sales and services functions, sitting under regionally divided Cluster units, and the Supply Chain, are as follow:

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience team provides our customers a single point of contact for all supply related matters and it handles the receipt and processing of orders, along with all related customer communications.


The principal role of the regionally divided Clusters, managing our Business Development affairs, is to build strong customer relations, both with new and existing customers, selling MedisĀ“ intellectual property in the form of registration dossiers and generic pharmaceutical products across all markets.

We split our business development into two different clusters, covering the world. Our EU Cluster is managed from Iceland, Then, for other parts of the world, we have the International Markets Cluster, managed from our office in Australia.

Launch Coordination & Manufacturing Sites

The Launch Coordination & Manufacturing Sites department is, as the name implies, responsible for day-1 patent expiry launches and other new product launches within Medis, making sure Medis customers experience a timely launch to market. In addition, the team is responsible for coordinating initial efforts when products enter new markets. Further to this, the team is responsible for the flow of goods from 3rd party manufacturing to Medis customers.

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worldwide operations and facilities

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