Medis Now – Your Online Customer Portal That Never Sleeps

If you haven’t already registered to become a user of Medis Now, Medis’ 24/7 online customer portal, we suggest you do so as soon as possible! It will save you time, keep you on track of all your orders, and make the ordering process a whole lot smoother.

Register to Medis Now

Medis Now is a very practical and easy-to-use tool. It’s really nice to have fresh updated information about our current orders and delivery schedule whenever we connect. I can download the documents I need and past invoices. Also the KPIs section is interesting — we can monitor the customer-supplier relationship with concrete data like Forecast Accuracy. 

— Aurelien, Supply Chain Manager

Stay on top of your orders

The portal shows updated delivery schedule of your open orders. It is updated directly from the Medis resource planning systems so whenever you log on, you’ll know when your orders were confirmed, and what the estimated delivery date is.

You can also use the portal as an archive and look back to see what past orders have been made by your company and when.

Place a new order in a couple of clicks

Want to place a new order? No problem. This can be done seamlessly and quickly. Either search for the SKU to fill out a form, choosing all your preferences such as volume needed and which warehouse to ship into.

Or, duplicate a previous order with just one click of a button and all the information about that order will appear. This can be edited as needed.

Placing orders through Medis Now will shorten your lead time considerably since it’s directly connected to . As soon as you make the order, you’ll immediately see it on the dispatch schedule.

And until that order is delivered to you, you can check in whenever you want to see updated, accurate data about its status.

See how you fare compared to your order forecasts

As you log on to Medis Now, you’ll see a dashboard with some clear and useful graphs. You’ll see which your top 5 products with Medis are, your top 5 manufacturing sites, how many markets globally you’re ordering in to. And, you’ll see the forecast accuracy graph which shows you how your order volumes match up to your forecasts.

Customers usually upload their forecasts to the portal on a quarterly basis which is mutually beneficial for both of us. On our end, our manufacturing sites can get a good idea of the amounts of raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) they need to order. And on your end, it helps with your planning.

The forecast accuracy graph will give you a monthly breakdown of your forecast versus your actual order volume. If we see that there is a forecast for a certain month but no order has been made yes, we’ll send you a notification with a helpful reminder.

Medis Now is a user-friendly portal, which I use to plan, place orders, see order confirmations, and get most of the necessary documentation. It is updated daily and we have visibility on our dispatch statuses at whatever time we need it.

— Nadia, Logistics Manager

Access your invoices and documents

Need a copy of an invoice for your accountant? Or an order confirmation? No need to spend time emailing your customer experience (CX) rep and waiting for their reply. Just download what you need on Medis Now. Easy as pie. 😊

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