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Extensive experience of generic pharmaceuticals.

Product and Dossiers

We currently provide around 155 pharmaceutical products for human use to pharmaceutical companies, mainly in the form of tablets, capsules and injections. The R&D specialists we collaborate with at Teva, our parent company, maintain a strong development pipeline, enabling the timely availability of new products for our customers.

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What's Happening at Medis

Meet The Expert - Adrian Abad

Based in sunny Spain, Adrian Abad is the Senior Director of Supply Chain at Medis. Supply chain is definitely a challenge in the (almost) post-COVID era of 2022, but Adrian’s positive mindset and passion for his work makes any challenge surmountable.

Meet The Expert - Vilborg Huld Helgadottir

Vilborg Huld Helgadottir is Europe Cluster Head at Medis, leading contract negotiation and product sales for the European markets. She talks to us about what drew her to the position, what matters most to Medis customers, and why it’s never Groundhog Day in the office.